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Is blogging important?

Questioning the importance of a blog is a common query we often see. "Is it that important to have an active blog?"

Yes, without any doubt. Blogging/articles are a vital element to any website. "Content is king" as the saying goes. It shows life to viewers. It gives search engines new content to index. A blog helps bring in new visitors and fresh faces. It's how people find and experience a brand. Not just by creating static content, which is important. But by the regular and timely release of quality content. One can market like crazy. But, we lose opportunities when fresh content isn't added often.

Do people still read blogs these days? 

If you just read that question, the answer should be obvious: Yes. 

Blogs and articles are the bread and butter of the Internet. Free content. It's what makes, Wikipedia and Squidoo popular. Knowledge is power. Content is king. If offered without cost, it will be devoured by by a flock of hungry readers . If offered on a routine, then loyal readers will continue to follow.

With an estimated 2 billion potential readers online, there is no shortage of readers to view new content. As mobile phones and tablets keeping become so popular, the estimated number could grow far beyond these numbers.

"The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow."  -Bill Gates

If you write it they will come.

It isn't too difficult to produce content for a blog. Find an idea that ignites a passion within. From there, all that is necessary is 300 - 500 words. Find a picture that helps give the words more personality, and viola! The blog entry is complete. 

In truth, the hardest part of a blog is finding regular topics. The first step is finding the industry and niche to write within. Once this is identified, given a touch of time and some keyword research, 20 - 30 titles and ideas could easily be explored. Some ideas can produce several, interlinking blog/article ideas. Having a few multi-part entries can be beneficial as it builds more page views. It gives users more time to be exposed to a brand. It even builds anticipation as the series of articles are released.

"Almost overnight, the Internet's gone from a technical wonder to a business must." -Bill Schrader

Blogging isn't just for driving traffic. It is also an authority builder. It shows knowledge and expertise in a professional field. Whatever niche chosen, write with pride. This isn't just about an article. It's about selling the company on a level beyond the product or service. It is selling confidence.

Blogging is the necessary cog in a functioning machine.

The importance of regular updates is as vital a oil in a vehicle. Without it, the machine breaks down and ceases to produce the desired results. The results every web site owner wants: continual, positive movement.