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John Wooden on Coding

"If you don't have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?"
~ John Wooden

If John Wooden's asking a question, I'm always interested in the answer. And while he's not talking about web work specifically, it strikes me that Coach Wooden's idea powers all good projects. His approach is embraced here at C2.

To Wooden's point, as C2 has grown and matured as a business, we've found that focus means everything. For us, focus means rooting each project in a well-defined process, built specifically to provide each team member the right amount of time to get the job done.

Could a certain step or deliverable be accomplished with less time? At first glance, yes. But if we've learned anything in the last few years, it's that "do overs" don't do any favors for anybody.

Allowing the appropriate amount of time for each step of the process to pays dividends. Put another way, shortcuts cost. They can cost in time, quality, or dollars, but they always cost.

When you're approaching a new project, make certain you've reviewed the process that will support the effort, double checking to ensure that you've got the right amount of time to do it right the first time. The "extra" time will always pay for itself many times over.