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Corporations Vs. The Little Guy, Why C2 Wins

Dave Tarnow - The C2 Group

The C2 Group

I'm in love.

Not with a girl or a car, but with the feeling I get (or more accurately don't get) when I wake up to go to work in the morning.  I have been with C2 for about 45 days, having left one of the top five Insurance carriers in the country to pursue a career that I could feel passionate about.  I spent nine years in the Insurance industry and while I will not speak negatively about the company I had gotten to a point where waking up in the morning and facing corporate politics, cubicle cities and valueless projects felt like running a marathon.

I took on some inherent risk joining C2.  I lost some benefits and I left nine years of job security for a new industry and a probationary period....but I haven't looked back.  I am certified in Lean Six Sigma, and providing value to the customer is important to me.  This core value is one of the main reasons I chose C2.  C2 does work for clients they believe in, our leaders are not just looking to make a profit but are looking to make a difference for organizations we can get behind.  Leaving a project knowing the customer is thankful for what we did is one reason C2 wins.

The other reason C2 wins is culture.  I can sum this up with a recent story.  Working through a busy week with several major milestones approaching we were running out of time in the day for an important team meeting.  The only solution was working through lunch.  C2 ordered in lunch for the team stating "whatever you need to get it done".  This sounds like a minor detail but in a comparison, at a corporation the team would have skipped lunch and had to stuff their face in the five minutes before or after the meeting.  The simple gesture of keeping a healthy and happy workforce through examples such as this is why C2 wins in a major way.

The moral of the story here is that if you want to be part of a family every day you come into work and at the same time provide a meaningful product to your customer than maybe C2 is the right place for you.  That feeling that I don't get when I wake up-it's a clear mind, and it's priceless!



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