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SEO 101 : Why Keyword Rich Content Matters, Part Two

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80s movie nostalgia aside, keyword density is one of the most important aspects of having viable content for search engines. What this means is using words that are correlated with the subject matter. It's about weaving congruous terminology that speaks to what the author hopes a visitor will venture to the site for.

In the case of the banana split, imagine the content was originally written like this:

"First cut the banana. Put it in a bowl. I'm using my antique Aztec stone service bowl. Put some chocolate sauce on top. Using my beautiful silver and diamond encrusted serving spoon, I put some vanilla ice cream on the food. Put a cherry on it. Now I'll get out my A. & W. sterling silver with mother of pearl handled spoon and eat it. Mmm tasty."

Now, let's take this content and put some keyword relevance in it:

"Today, we're going to make the ultimate banana split!  First, cut the banana. Be sure the fruit is just past the green stage. Split the banana along a seam to give it a perfect shape. Place it in a chilled bowl of your choosing. Take some chocolate sauce and place it in another bowl and place it in the microwave for 15 seconds. Be careful, it will be hot! However, the dark, chocolate will be perfect for this dessert! Drizzle it on the banana. Remove the flavor of low fat ice cream you desire. Ben & Jerry's Vanilla Ice Cream is great for this, however the Rocky Road and Moose Tracks are also fantastic. After warming a spoon in hot water, dig out some of the frozen perfection and put two to three scoops on the banana. Glob on the caramel and strawberries, sprinkle with crushed nuts, and top it with some chilled, but not frozen, whipped cream and a cherry. Grab a spoon and enjoy your Banana Split Ala Heaven!"

I'm using obvious hyperbole, but if you compare these two "recipes", the latter has the proper focus on the dessert itself and not on the utensils. Pictures can still be used to highlight your point and raise the interest, but the content must be relevant for the search engines to properly index a site.


Another common question is "if more dense content is desired, can words just be repeated a multitude of times?"

The answer is, yes. HOWEVER, Google is very picky. The search engines can easily sniff out what's called "Keyword Stuffing"; filling a page with inane amounts of duplicated text.

For example, "The banana split is made from bananas. Banana splits are good. Banana. Banana banana. I like to say banana. Banana."

Sounds ridiculous, but not too long ago, this was not too far-fetched.  Not only is this meaningless to read, if a page is filled with such drivel Google will ignore it, and may even red flag the page as spam, rendering it useless in searches.

Properly crafted content can use the same or similar words. However, repeating the same word consistently not only destroys credibility to a reader (which is vastly important for repeat visiting), but it will also dash your hopes of rising to the top in search terms.

While writing good copy is important, writing keyword rich content is king.

If you have questions about your web content, feel free to contact us for an audit of your site. We have experts who can help.

 **Keep in mind, this is only one piece of the SEO puzzle!