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The C2 Difference: Proudly Low Ego

The question comes up all the time: "What makes C2 different?" While I could answer with facts regarding our services and experience, I think the single strongest differentiating factor is humility.  (Yes, I'm bragging about it.  I've yet to reckon with the implications.)  Oftentimes, in introductory meetings, I put it this way: "We're a pretty 'low ego' group to work with.  You'll like it."

You'd think that an office packed to the rafters with all kinds of technology and design experts would be more than a little self-centered.  Through good fortune (and careful hiring) we've managed to steer clear of the black beret-wearing design Nazi's and the hipster cowboy coders that plague a typical agency.  I'm proud of the talent and maturity our staff commands.  

But what does "low ego" mean for our clients?  It means we're happy to pick up where our clients need us to in their projects.  It means we rank serving the client ahead of building our portfolio.  It means we do the work that builds client brands now and ours later.  

Here's what you can expect for your project:

  • Your interests come first.  C2's interests align accordingly.  Goading clients into doing work that runs counter to their business goals (even at a discount) is a way of life for some agencies.  It's our belief that agencies bent on building their own portfolios with the sole aim of landing that elusive "next big deal" are building on quicksand.  We believe that if we care for our clients' businesses first, ours will be healthy as a result.  Our track record of repeat business bears this out.
  • Enthusiasm for your project. We get paid to do what we love.  For some agencies, unless you buy exactly what they're selling, exactly as they sell it, you're at least made to feel stupid for asking questions, and more than likely in for an uphill battle on the project.  We delight in the opportunity to apply our skills to our clients' needs.  Positive attitudes keep projects on track and put the right context around issues that arise.
  • Your feedback-all of it-is welcome.  In most projects, stakeholders have a louder voice than supporting staff.  That's just how things work; hierarchy happens.  But that doesn't mean that each team member, regardless of position, isn't due an opportunity to inform the project.  We welcome (even demand) that feedback from our clients. 
  • Best practices applied for product as well as process.  We have a fictional "brake" that is bolted on each project (think of a train's emergency pull brake).  If at any time any member of the team sees a true need to apply the "brakes," each is empowered to do so.  It's used sparingly, but it's important that anyone on the project team-regardless of position-is empowered to keep the process aligned with our client's best interests. 
  • Plug and play experts for all project phases.  We are known to some as a design house. Others know us only as a .NET code shop.  Still others frame us as CMS experts.  And then there's the video work.  Shooters, editors, script writers, sound design… you get the idea.  We're proud of the fact that the same organization can fill so many roles.  And we're humble enough to take direction from clients as well as their partners.  Not every agency can stomach not controlling every shred of a project.  If we've got the right client match, we're happy to play the required role.


C2 is different because we fuse expertise with low ego.  It makes for better communication, stronger projects, and, most of all, better long-term relationships.  You'll like it.