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As one of the newer additions to C2, we picked Drew's brain for what made his "Top Five Most-Interesting-Topics-Covered-During-Ektron-Training" list. Here they are:


Ektron Training Interesting Topics

  1. Smart Forms

    Smart Forms are a great way to maintain a common structure among related content. It makes common tasks like a news feed easy to keep consistent and well formatted.

  2. Page Builder

    Page Builder is effective because it allows users to see pages as they are built. Layout becomes simple with the Drag and Click capability. This makes it easy for content managers to do what they do... manage content.

  3. UI Controls (Developers)

    The Ektron UI controls are a nice feature. They give a nice easy way to add common controls so we won't have to work so hard to make custom widgets.

  4. Asset Management

    Ektron has a rich set of features for managing assets. The ability to maintain a history of each asset and to be able to get that history back makes assets easy to maintain and allows content managers to experiment without having to worry about losing files.

  5. Adding Ektron dlls to the Visual Studio Toolbox

    This created an easy way to see all of the Ektron controls that are available from within Visual Studio.


What did Drew have to say about training on the whole?

"The training was helpful for me as a newcomer simply to get familiar with Ektron."


But don't just take Drew's word for it!

Here are some points and ideas that other employees found interesting in the Ektron Training:


  • "In 8.6, there is a built in server-side image resizing tool - I think this is very cool and useful; especially as it relates to responsive design." -Todd


  • "Ektron is moving more towards cloud support and increasing flexibility with eSyncs" -Kien


  •  "The presenter spent a good amount of time actually working in a typical development environment. (Rather than just showing bullet points and documentation)" -Chris


  • "Something new I learned was how to create customized controls that would be used in the Work Area" -Scott


  • "It was good to have training across teams, so that we can understand each other's needs better" -Genevieve


  • "Ektron has an interface for directly integrating Google Analytics" -Joe



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