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A New Employee's Perspective

David Korff - The C2 Group

The C2 Group

David Korff's First DayI have worked for several organizations over the years and the first day at a new job always looks the same. It usually involves meeting many new people, settling into a new work space, and attending meetings throughout the day.

My first day at The C2 Group was much different; it was our quarterly service project. After a quick meeting at the office we traveled to D.A. Blodgett-St. John's Home, a non-profit organization providing temporary homes for children. Our team assignment was to apply fresh paint to bedroom walls to help provide a clean, safe, and relaxing environment for the children residing there. All thirty one of us rolled up our sleeves, filled our paint cans, and got down to business painting.

This first day on the job at C2 is unique, but one that represents the deep ties to the community and the emphasis on company culture. I quickly learned that the team at C2 is a hard working group focused on producing high quality work with an emphasis in exceeding customer expectations. At the same time, this group is not afraid to give back and let loose creating a fun environment. I believe this is an important aspect to any successful business. Serving the community together not only builds team unity, but allows an organization to make an impact outside of the usual work routine.

The gratitude shown by St. John’s Home was incredibly rewarding, and left me looking forward to many more service day projects at The C2 Group. 

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