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Taco Tuesday Rankings Update

Read Tacos and Time Lords.

BreakdancetacoIn the midst of all the site launches and late night QA sessions, the good people of C2 have also been working hard at noshing local tacos. As our tastings have continued, some of the rankings have shifted. Once beloved places have been pushed aside for better, tastier taco shops. The best part – we still have more places to visit before our taco playoffs begin in April!

Through wind, snow, and rain we’ve traveled near and far to locate the best of the best in Grand Rapids tacos. Here are our results thus far:

1. Café San Juan
(Best Hard Shell, Best Hot Sauce, Best Value, Best Flavor - with minimal use of ingredients)

2. Taqueria San José
(Best Steak & Cactus, Best Spanish Soap Operas on TV, Great Flavor)

3. Lindo Mexico Restaurant
(Very Authentic, Most Fresh, Best Music, Best Ambiance)

4. Tacos El Cuñado (Burton St.)
(Best Steak, Best & Largest Portion of Guac, Best Grilled Onions)

5. Tacos El Caporal (Burton St.)
 (Big Space, Super Authentic, Fresh, Decent Portions)

6. Tacos El Ranchero
(Very Authentic, Great Grilled Sides, Flavorful, Best Corn Flour Soft Shell, Smallest Restaurant Size!, Great Value) 

7. Pupuseria El Salvador La Original
(Authentic Tacos, Mexican Sour Cream, Huge Menu, Largest Drink Selection)

8. On the Border
(Great Overall Taco, Great Taco Shell, Bad Packaging)

9. Cancun Restaurant
(Perfectly Proportioned Taco Fillings, Authentic, Crazy/Weird Interior Décor, OK Flavor)

10. El Kiosko
(Good Lunch Special, Inconsistent Flavor, Hand-Made Tortilla Shells, Juke Box)

11. Qdoba (Rivertown Parkway)
(Great Overall Taco, Best Packaging, Best Chicken)

12. El Granjero
(Great Red Salsa, Bland Green Salsa, Fast, Fresh)

13. Maggies Kitchen
(Good Guacamole, Fresh, Inconsistent Quality)

14. Las Palmas
(Very Authentic, Great Steak, Fast Service, Cheap, A Little Dirty)

15. El Burrito Loco
(Best Cheese, Average Overall Taco)

16. El Sombrero
(Local Fast Food, Cheap) 

17. Pupuseria Y Taqueria El Gallo
(Jolliest Owner, Authentic, Inconsistent Quality – Side Note: First location we had to order in Spanish)

18. El Barrio
(Unique Taco Menu Items, Good Deep Fried Shells, Inconsistent Quality – some items were great, others bad)

19. Beltline Bar
(All Around Average, Fun Atmosphere)

20. Tacos El Caporal (28th St.)
(Super Cheap!, Best Side Dishes, Slow Service)

21. Taco Bell (Chicago Dr.)
(Cheap, Really Fast, Not Authentic, Expected)

22. Jose's Restaurante
(Alright Tacos, Use Velveeta for Cheese – Thumbs Down!, Clean Restaurant)

23. Donk's Joint
(Super Cheap!, Really Clean, Great Website, Bland Food, Not Authentic)

24. The Dungeon
(Crazy/Strange Ambiance, Bad Taco Experience)

25. Adobe (Chicago Dr.)
(All Around Bad)

26. Las Cazuelas
(Worst Salsa (Stewed Tomatoes), Slow Service, Expensive, Good Flour Tortillas)


Places yet to be ranked:

Taqueria Donkey
Bartertown Diner
What the Truck
Tacos El Cuñado at the Downtown Market
Tacos Doña Guille
Taco Bob’s

If there are any places that we’ve missed, please list them in the comments below.

Taco playoffs begin in April. Stay tuned!