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Posts by Author: Drew Boyd

Code Neat Freak

The C2 Group

When it comes to his code, Drew is a self-proclaimed neat freak. Don't let out of control pagings get you down! Keep your code readable, reusable, and reliable. In his blog post, Drew walks through his most recent neat freak code episode and how his realizations might help you.

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Drew Boyd - The C2 Group

Drew Boyd

September 18, 2013

Experts Training Experts

The C2 Group

One tell of a great expert is that they are never done learning. Here at C2 we stand behind this principle and encourage our workers to go to workshops, seminars, classes, and conferences. We even bring trainings in-house to help keep our experts fresh! Most recently, C2 brought in an Ektron trainer to both teach and refresh our employees on the inner workings of this CMS. Here's what our workers had to say…

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