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Great IX Leads to Great UX

The C2 Group

The internal experience, or IX.

It’s our shorthand for an often overlooked — yet equally important — audience for every project. These are the employees, the content managers, the people who spend their days helping to maintain a web property or presence.

At C2, we understand how vital this audience is to the success of any project. Creating meaningful experiences for our partners, their staff, and their end users is one of our core ideals. 

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Matt Smith - The C2 Group

Matt Smith

March 30, 2016

Practicing What We Preach

The C2 Group

Our old website wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great, either. More importantly, it wasn’t us. One of The C2 Group’s founding principles is to create meaningful web experiences, something which shouldn’t be exclusive to our clients alone. After all, if we can’t create a web experience of our own, how can they expect the same in return?

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The Modern .EDU Demands Choice and Flexibility

The C2 Group

Statistics show a gap between what .EDU site users want versus what .EDU sites provide. The web marketer is playing catch up to provide the right level of flexibility.  Responsive design—a web design that adapts to a given browser size—is a non-negotiable in today’s higher education web experiences. Responsive design has the advantage of being able to provide (and to design for) specific user experiences without eliminating features or compromising content and overall online experience. The browsing experience literally “adapts” to the user’s screen size.

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