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The Aftermath of Mobilegeddon - What Really Happened?

The C2 Group

Toward the end of April, Google rolled out a new algorithm. The purpose of this change was to push websites that work well on smartphones, giving them an edge over those which haven’t yet been optimized. As mentioned, if your site is mobile-friendly, it will rank much higher on a phone or tablet.

Now that the dust has settled from what webmasters and web developers have dubbed “Mobilegeddon,” search engine marketers began picking up the pieces. It’s time to see the extent of the damage, and how it can be repaired.

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Google Pushes for Mobile-Friendly Websites

The C2 Group

Technology has seen rapid change in the last five years. Everywhere you turn information is shared and digested. In the last four years alone, smartphone usage rose 394% and tablet usage rocketed 1721%. And, mobile traffic is only going to become more common as many use their smartphones as their sole entry point to the World Wide Web.

Internet usage has seen dramatic changes. In fact, how we talk about the internet even has changed. Have you ever used the phrase, “Google it” when referring to searching for something? Google has been a big player in the evolution of the internet. And, once again Google aims to enhance our online experience with a new announcement.

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Tadd Mencer - The C2 Group

Tadd Mencer

May 5, 2015