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Yes We Kanban

The C2 Group

Part of my role at The C2 Group is to manage the process we use for doing what we do, specifically how to turn out work to our clients faster and with better quality. The problem is that our work comes in all shapes, sizes, and severities. When not well managed, it all tends to collide. 

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Introducing: Paid Parental Leave

The C2 Group

Two months after I joined The C2 Group, my husband and I found that we were expecting our first child. I had only been with C2 for a short period of time and had just started to feel I was finding my spot in the company, so I was a bit nervous about breaking this news to my manager. I was confident they would be happy for me as a person, but what sort of leave or financial support could a small business like C2 give to an employee of my status?

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Katie Wilkes - The C2 Group

Katie Wilkes

December 22, 2014