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A skilled, passionate, and powerful team.

A skilled team devoted to making innovative technologies meaningful and enjoyable.

What do we do?

We strive to create meaningful experiences. Meaningful to you, your staff, and your end users. Whether it's exceptional design or unbreakable code, our work will make life easier for the audiences you care about most.

Why do we do it?

Creating is in our blood. We make no excuses about our passion for technology, but it’s still just a delivery mechanism for our real love: creating authentic connections and helping our clients communicate effectively.

The C2 Group | The web and video team at the local restaurant. The C2 Group | Working on location during a quarterly service project.

A culture of service and learning.

Embedded deep in C2’s culture is a sense of connectedness. While other digital agencies have come and gone, we’ve weathered the cycles and storms of more than 25 years – and we believe our culture has everything to do with it.

We expect a high-level of performance and a high-level of appreciation for the softer side of our shop. We are grateful to serve our community through volunteer efforts and excited to push each other to develop new and better skills. Our brand relies on an authentic connection between team members, and we’re happy to share what makes us a unique and vibrant destination for technology professionals.

The C2 Group is always on the lookout for exceptional talent.

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