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Web Accessibility

Making innovative technologies meaningful and enjoyable - for all users.

  • Section 508/WCAG 2.0 Compliance
  • Code Validation
  • Contrast Ratios
  • Keyboard Testing
  • Browser Testing

It’s now the standard for goods and services to be offered online. Websites offer wider selection, lower prices, and added convenience compared to traditional brick-and-mortar storefronts. According to U.S. Census data, nearly 1 in 5 Americans live with some kind of disability. These range from diminished vision or hearing with age, to lifelong visual, auditory, motor, or cognitive disorders.

Websites can put up barriers making it difficult or even impossible for these users to access. Without being designed and built with considerations for individuals with disabilities and accommodations for assistive technologies, this poses a significant disadvantage in a society driven by unprecedented access to information.

Ensuring an accessible web experience for all users isn’t just the right thing to do. Benefits of incorporating accessibility into your team’s web strategy include:

  • Increasing sales and marketing conversions
  • Improving search ranking
  • Mitigating business risk
  • Enhancing site usability overall
  • Avoiding the cost of an expensive retrofit
  • Demonstrating social responsibility
  • Telling a positive public relations story

The C2 Group provides web accessibility assessments, testing, and consulting that determine how well your site supports the needs of users with disabilities.

Web Accessibility Webinar
Meaningful web experiences - for everyone.

C2’s detailed, page-by-page analysis combines human investigation with automated in-house tools and screen-reading software. We identify, categorize, and prioritize ADA Section 508 or WCAG 2.0 violations and provide recommendations on code, content, and design based on examination of the following areas:

  • Code validation
  • Browser testing
  • Keyboard accessibility
  • Asset audit
  • Color contrast ratios

In addition to an analysis and recommendation document, C2 will devise an implementation plan based on your team's desired level of compliance. We'll provide training and best practices for your team to manage for web accessibility, and conduct user testing to ensure your site meets the needs of users with disabilities.

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