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A.O. Smith Heating up A.O. Smith with Data-Driven Web Design


Project Summary:

Overwhelmed by complaints about a functionally outdated website, global water heater and boiler system giant A.O. Smith sought The C2 Group for a redesign aimed at enhancing user experience. Relying heavily on user research and analytics, a revamped information architecture, navigation, and clear calls to action guide users intuitively and expeditiously to the information they need, including effortlessly redirecting confused customers to A.O. Smith’s product site,

  • Project Services
  • User Experience
  • Information Architecture
  • Ektron CMS
  • Responsive Design
  • User Research
  • Website Redesign
  • Marketing and Branding
Screenshot of the A. O. Smith redesigned homepage

Better serving the needs of customers, investors, and employees.

Persona of a woman named Naomi, who is an mortgage underwriter; contains personal information as it pertains to her role

The Challenge.

For more than 70 years, A.O. Smith has provided hot water the world over. But In 2013, frustrations from its website visitors had started to boil over. Originally designed to handle corporate communications and investor relations, A.O. Smith became inundated with phone, email, and customer service complaints about a functionally outdated website. With half of its monthly visitors expressing dissatisfaction in a lack of investment, career, and product information, this global leader in water purification systems and technology recognized the importance of delivering a focused, cohesive online brand. The objective? Enhance A.O. Smith’s user experience with design and functionality that effectively and reliably served its customers, investors, and employees.

Persona of a man named Wayne, who is a photojournalist; contains personal information as it pertains to her role
Redesigned A. O. Smith homepage shown on both an iPad and an iPhone

The Solution.

The ability to direct site traffic accurately and efficiently was paramount to the website redesign effort and improving overall user experience. Leveraging heavy analysis on user traffic, trends, and interactions, The C2 Group worked collaboratively with the client’s web team to revamp the site’s informational architecture and provide site visitors with the information they craved. Since launching its new site, A.O. Smith has experienced a decrease in customer service complaints and backlogs. Meanwhile, customers have enthusiastically praised the new site’s design, mobile capabilities, and ease of use in finding information quickly and easily.