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EMTEQ Co-Piloting a New Product Launch


Project Summary:

Starting as a supplier of cabling and wiring for commercial aircraft, EMTEQ manufactures and installs electronics that operate many of the airplanes we fly in today. In a highly regulated and hyper-competitive industry, EMTEQ was seeking a value-add product to differentiate itself from its competition and conceived an on-board server to handle interior cabin functions for passengers. The C2 Group helped this new product take flight, developing a device-agnostic web app that controls non-critical flight components, like lighting, climate, and entertainment systems within corporate and private aircraft.

  • Project Services
  • Digital Strategy
  • Application
  • User Experience Design
  • User Interface Design
  • Technical Architecture
  • Project Management
Designed Emteq shown on both an iPad

The Challenge.

The initial request was to take the existing general user interface (GUI) and build it out as a native iOS app. However, upon review, it became apparent the existing GUI, while functional, was engineer designed and inadequate for this target market. VIPs willing to spend $15 million on a new plane would expect an elevated level of sophistication and ease of use. As a result, C2 suggested an entirely new design for the interface to create a more fluid and intuitive user experience, and, ultimately, help sell this product to new customers.

The Solution.

The resulting design effort required a complete reimagining of the interface and needed to place the user in the driver’s seat with simple controls and universal acceptance and understanding. Thinking from a user-first perspective, C2 also recommended the iOS app concept be abandoned for a device-agnostic web app to support all VIPs, not just iPhone and iPad owners. To develop the prototype product, C2 worked with EMTEQ and its hardware manufacturer to develop and test the system. The resulting GUI and web app allowed EMTEQ to take this product to market with incredible results. Sales of the cabin management system soared above expectations and EMTEQ implemented the system for new clients across the globe.

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