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Jetboil Custom JavaScript Heats up Consumer Engagement


Project Summary:

This website is hot. Jetboil's all-in-one portable cooking systems are extremely popular among outdoor enthusiasts for their lightweight and compact design. This innovative and award-winning redesign highlights the cooking system's many uses, accessories, and product engineering through the use of custom JavaScript that literally unpacks a Jetboil system as users scroll the homepage.

  • Project Services
  • SharePoint CMS
  • Ektron CMS
  • Integrations
  • Responsive Design
  • Front-End Development
  • Back-End Development
  • Website Redesign
  • Award-Winning Website


Heat resistant, pour spout lid allows for safely boiling and protecting food from spilling. BPA-free and quick-to-cool material.

Pot Support

Have a favorite camping pot? No worries. Jetboil can accomodate it with our stainless steel pot support.

Jetpower Fuel

For maximum performance with minimal waste, use our high- performance propane/isobutane four-season blend.


Our patented Fluxring technology integrates seamlessly with the burner, maximizing heat transfer for a faster boil.

Canister Stabilizer

Whether your cooking in the Antartic or the Ozarks our canister stabilizer will allow your cooking system to be balanced and stabile.

Insulating Cozy with Handle

Fluxring enabled heat-n-eat mug lets you save weight by sharing your burner base and fuel with all your adventurous friends.

Skirt Cover Measuring Cup

Not only does it protect the base of your cup but it has measuring guides to ensure you make the most of all your recipes.

Unpack. Ignite. Boil.

Lightweight, compact, and efficient, Jetboil all-in-one cooking systems are trusted by outdoor aficionados of all kinds to provide hot meals in the field.

A primary requirement for this website was communicating the many uses of a Jetboil system while demonstrating its ease of use and pack-ability. All content needed to be managed in one content management system, while being available across multiple devices, including mobile and tablet formats. Content needed to be sustained with minimal data entry and image manipulation, with product data and commerce managed in SharePoint, yet displayed on the site as one, cohesive experience. A thorough Discovery session quickly uncovered that a redesigned and responsive website, built on the Ektron content management system and leveraging Ektron’s SharePoint DxH connector, would fill the need.

The result was a website that looked great on any device, relayed a unique message, and easily guided visitors through to conversion. The innovative and award-winning design unpacks Jetboil’s cooking systems as users scroll the homepage, highlighting product engineering as well as its many uses, features, and accessories.

Award-Winning Design

  • W3 Award - Recognizing the power of web creativity
  • American Advertising Award
  • Web Marketing Association Award
Redesigned Jetboil homepage shown on both an iPad and an iPhone